On our eighth annual journey through Time & Space on SundayDecember 31st BangOn!NYC will be showcasing a few examples of the extraterrestrial life we've made contact with throughout our yearly travels.  

Join us as we kiss 2017 goodbye and continue reading for a sneak preview of what you can expect on your journey through Time & Space, guided by the one and only Claptone

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Cathode Ray Tube Pyramid

The Great Cathode Ray Tube Pyramid is an astronomical configuration, which is said to align with the stars in Orion’s belt. As well, alien theorists often point to the fact that our pyramid is in way better shape than others built centuries later.


Alien taxidermy 

We usually stumble upon a few confused stragglers hanging around after-after hours in our spaceship. Some have been found hiding on the second level dance floor, watching the spinning planetarium from  the Silent Disco...

We know aliens are friends, not trophies, but we couldn't help but put these otherworldly oddities on display.  

More info here. 


Analog Video Synthesis 

Experiential artist Christopher Konopka believes analog video synthesis is the future of painting. And he's coming from Boston to educate and demonstrate his extremely innovative artistry. You can get a preview of his interactive art before Time & Space here


NASA COntrol Room


Ready for takeoff?

What was once our sectioned off "performance pole" has been totally transformed into a space-station control room.

Be the commander of your own odyssey through deep space. Just make sure you land safely back in Brooklyn around 4 AM. 




As the human race completes another full rotation around the sun, we'll have our own massive solar system spinning above our heads in East Williamsburg. A celestial theater will be guiding our journey into 2018, and provide a backdrop for a night of music and celebration. 

Our creative team has truly created a stunning, immersive environment with this installation.