Everything You Climb at WOH 2017

A night out with BangOn! is guaranteed to elevate you and all your senses. That's because feelings of elation intensify tenfold when you're ten feet above the party. 

Let's explore all the things you can climb at Warehouse of Horrors 2017 before we gear up for the annual celebration Saturday, October 28th


The Lotus

Eric Coolidge and his team at Eagle Rock Studios are masters of transforming steel into custom-made dance apparatuses. Their large-scale structures and art cars have traveled across the country following music all the way from grungy Brooklyn warehouses to the dusty playa of Black Rock City.

The Lotus features a second floor, a slide and ample space to make yourself comfortable inside. 

new boombox.jpg


The Boombox design is a nod toward the urban music culture we so love to celebrate. And handing your drink off to a friend, ascending the ladder and gazing down at the madness ensuing below is a BangOn party staple. (also makes for a fabulous photo op)

ElementsNYC_2017_Day2_Photo-RodrigoLizarraga-ShotByRod (40 of 177).jpg


When global stamina supplier, Red Bull teams up with leaders in innovative design like Arch Productions, the only obvious outcome is an ivy-covered oasis on wheels. 

Stop in for a delicious cocktail or climb up to the second story and make new friends. Either way, this mobile work of art will leave a lasting impression.



The intent to capture the lightheartedness of youth built our Cosmic Hourglass.The urge to climb, touch and explore everything never actually fades. So we asked Christopher Miles to fashion us a LED-adorned structured that welcomes this kind of behavior with open arms. 

girls on eric tree.jpg


For the more adventurous, there's the God Antenna. This massive structure has graced each industrial venue we've transformed and planted its roots in Lakewood's grassy fields. Everywhere it's traveled, there's always been a group of climbers thankful for the view.



Powerful enough to house Poseidon, the Atlantis has acted as a stage for countless talented artists as well as provided guests a spiraling staircase to climb. We encourage daredevil guests to venture up and get down with their favorite artists. 

Katie LoVaglio