Everything To Do At Warehouse of Horrors 2017

We're just under a week away from the spectacle that is Warehouse of Horrors and the team has been working tirelessly to transform our newest industrial home into a haunted utopia with surprises around every corner.

Filling our new space (a gargantuan warehouse spanning one full city block) with bewitched interactive art, playful activities and multiple stages is quite the feat. But we're prepared to embrace the good people of Warehouse of Horrors with open arms- more warehouse means more fun, right?

 So, keep reading for a little about a few of the activities we have planned for this Saturday, October 28th


Fatboy slim's human smiley

Fatboy and your friends at BangOn! will be working side by side to construct a giant smiley face made out of the people of Warehouse of Horrors!

Would it be fair to expect anything less than outrageous for Fatboy's first time back in New York in over two years? 

Let's show him how happy we are to have him back!

What do you need to do to be part of the fun?

Get to the party early (11:30 PM) and get excited to be part of the first ever stateside human smiley. Extra points if you find a way to stand out in the smile!


Trick or treat

Never mind what they told you- you're NEVER too old to trick or treat! 

We're organizing stations throughout the warehouse where you'll be able to collect all sorts of goodies. This is a BangOn! party though, so it's a good idea to expect the unexpected.

Rumor has it a few lucky participants will be treated to VIP access.




Prepare to answer a question you've most definitely never been asked before... (and will probably never be asked again, for that matter)

Are you ready to climb inside a massive inflatable plastic ball and hurtle toward oversized bowling pins?

You have some time to think about it. But we have a feeling you're going to like it.  



Same rules as the regular ole' party game, but with an unexpected twist. 

This definitely makes for a fun photo opp. You just might want to set your Instagram to private after posting. 


Tümbox 3

If you find yourself overwhelmed with Halloween mischief you're welcome to come play in our Tümbox. 

Designed to immerse fatigued partygoers in relaxation while simultaneously giving them a chance to interact, the Tümbox is an oasis of posh acid trash and an explosion of color. 

Katie LoVaglio